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Chart Chat: ‘Ola Bola’ Opens With RM2.5 Million, On Par With ‘Polis Evo’!
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Chart Chat: ‘Ola Bola’ Opens With RM2.5 Million, On Par With ‘Polis Evo’!

by Deric EctFebruary 2, 2016

AFTER reportedly splurging over RM5 million on Chiu Keng Guan‘s follow-up to The Journey, Astro Shaw can finally breathe a sigh of relief as this week’s biggest local film is none other than Ola Bola. Collecting approximately RM2.5 million at the box office from 120 screens, the film is set to achieve great heights.

12670333_875364662532929_983235801218229703_nIn its debut week, Ola Bola performed on par with buddy cop film Polis Evo, which also opened with RM2.5 million from four days. Polis Evo went on to become Malaysia’s top-grossing local film of all-time.

Will Ola Bola beat Polis Evo‘s record? We sure hope so — it’s a much, much better film. Seriously, go and watch the damn thing but be prepared to shed a few manly tears.

Hopefully, this signifies a transition for the industry as production houses start taking note of Astro’s strategy.

Gone are the days you can force low-budget garbage into the skim wajab tayang queue and wait for audiences to roll into cinemas. With viewer patience burnt out over the years due to the local influx of cheap, badly-scripted films, perhaps only decent movies and novel wonders will perform from now onwards.

The biggest surprise of this week’s box office chart is probably the fact that Ola Bola with its RM2.5 million isn’t even #1. Sitting at the very top is a horror-comedy Tamil film playing on just 90 screens, Aranmanai 2!


A sequel to 2014’s box-office success Aranmanai, the film was produced by acclaimed Tamil actress Khushboo, directed by Sundar C, and stars popular actress Trisha. Aranmanai 2 was released simultaneously with critically-acclaimed Madhavan-led sports drama Irudhi Suttru, but performed far better domestically than its competitor.

Local figures for the film hasn’t been released yet but we’ll be back with more updates soon!

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