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Chart Chat: Katniss Rules, ‘Ada Apa Dekat Bus Stop’ Highest New Local Entrant
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Chart Chat: Katniss Rules, ‘Ada Apa Dekat Bus Stop’ Highest New Local Entrant

by The Daily SeniNovember 24, 2015

WE start by waving goodbye to Juvana 2, which held the #18 spot last week. After three weeks, it has officially left the building. The National Film Development Corporation Malaysia (FINAS) reports that the film has made RM762,943.50 as of 6 November.

By the way, we know that Kamil Othman and the FINAS public relations team have been doing quite a bit for the local film industry, by actively involving themselves in the festival circuit and forming relationships internationally.

But whenever the boss is out of town, does anybody at FINAS actually do any work? What kind of image are we sending out when the Malaysian film authority has a delayed and unreliable box office reporting system?

It’s bad enough we only have yearly cumulative official totals instead of weekly, let alone daily reports (or hourly, as done in China after their government realised the amount of corruption that takes place within it — yes, even communists are starting to have more sense than us), so the least you can do is update this page regularly, data entry department.

biasanYes we’re back with another downer edition of Chart Chat but hey, at least the new The Hunger Games is out!

This week we have three local films still standing in the box office chart.

Ikhzal Azfarel Ideris‘s Ada Apa Dekat Bus Stop opened last weekend and managed to reach #12. The film stars Abam, Erwan Razak and Myo Oh Chentaku and is a horror comedy based on three young men who unfold the mystery of an old bus stop located in their village. It debuts with 40 prints. 

Further down, local Mandarin film Find My Dad drops four positions this week from #13 to #17 with only 11 prints remaining, while Sandosh Kesavan’s Biasan falls from #16 to #27.

As reported earlier in the month, Biasan stars Dato’ Jalaluddin HasanLana Nordin and Mas Khan and revolves around a man who goes berserk after finding out that his girlfriend has been cheating on him. After two weeks of screening, the film is left with only one print in circulation.

Most would expect Spectre to still dominate but surprise — Bond is no competition for Jennifer Lawrence and her band of bold, young revolutionaries.

This week’s headliner is none other than the penultimate episode of The Hunger Games.

The final film adaptation of the bestselling Hunger Games series, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 is expected to break records by the end of its run, having already grossed over RM800,000,000 worldwide after a week in cinemas!

We’ll be back next week with news on Banglo Berkunci and Osman Ali‘s Sinaran so keep an eye out for that.

This edition of Chart Chat written by Deric Ect and Keanu Azman.

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