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Do Your Eardrums A Favour and Catch Mozart’s The Magic Flute
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Do Your Eardrums A Favour and Catch Mozart’s The Magic Flute

by Maira ZamriJanuary 13, 2017

IT’S not often that the Malaysian public gets a chance to listen to the playful melodies of Mozart, one of the most prolific and influential composers of Western classical music. If you’ve been waiting for this moment, rejoice because you’re in luck! One of Mozart’s most sought after operas, The Magic Flute is playing at Dewan Filharmonik PETRONAS on 14 (Saturday), 15 (Sunday) and 17th (Tuesday) January 2017.

The Magic Flute premiered in 1791 and has been appreciated by classical music buffs all around the world ever since. Within its first few years of release, it was performed in hundreds and attracted an immense crowd each time. It’s charm and wit has the power to reel in adults and children alike. The opera combines a playful spirit with a serious philosophy of life, incorporates melodies of ravishing beauty, and features brilliant orchestration, all set against the background of ancient Egypt.

For this installation of The Magic Flute, Guillaume Tournaire will lead the orchestra. A conductor with an immensely impressive track record, the French conductor is perfect for such a prestigious opera. Also featured in the concert are talented singers Dimitry Ivashchenko, Chi Mei Ho, Yap Jin Hin, Anna Siminska and Daniel Carison.

The Magic Flute entails the story of a fearsome sorceress who also happens to be a stunning songstress, a lovable birdcatcher who performs the opera’s most popular tunes, dancing animals, a dragon and two love affairs. It is for sure a concert you don’t want to miss.


We’ve been to concerts by the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra (MPO) and they certainly don’t disappoint! Check out our review of Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet also at Dewan Filharmonik Malaysia.

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