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Back On The Radar: Sarimah Returns With Web Series To Give Her ‘2 Sen’!
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Back On The Radar: Sarimah Returns With Web Series To Give Her ‘2 Sen’!

by Keanu AzmanDecember 9, 2015

Sarimah Ibrahim is doubtlessly one of the most accomplished television personalities in Malaysia.

We’ve seen her in movies, TV shows and performances, and some might remember her as the host for the Biggest Loser Asia, Diari Akademi Fantasia for a few seasons, or from her role in the Tun Mahathir musical from 2011. Those a bit older may remember her from Disney Channel Asia!


Sarimah and husband, Tunku Jamie

In the past few years however, Sarimah has been pretty much off the radar. We do see her on NTV7’s Bella every week but besides that, we haven’t heard much about her especially her marriaged to Tunku Nadzimuddin Tunku Mudzaffar, better known as Tunku Jamie, earlier this year.

If you’ve missed seeing Sarimah in action as much as we do, we have great news!

Red Communications recently launched an online video streaming site called Feefo.TV where people can watch episodes of webshows for free. Sarimah is one of the personalities on the new site, and it’s called Sarimah’s 2 Sen!

Sarimah’s 2 Sen is three to five minutes per episode and isn’t the typical reality show one would expect from celebrities (e.g. Facing Up To Fazura). Sarimah isn’t so much about the glitz and glamour or red carpet moments or the make-up or the designer clothes.

The title spills it all — Sarimah is getting real with her fans.


Sarimah made it clear during the media launch of her web show that this isn’t a serious talk kind of web show. She classifies it as rather “sembang santai”.

“All this while, I’ve been receiving so many messages from fans on my social media accounts especially Instagram,” stated Sarimah.

“Sometimes they come to me seeking for advice and words of comfort after going through a rough time like a bad break up, and replying to each and every one of them might be time consuming.”

“Having a web series where I can share my ‘2 sen’ lets me talk to a mass audience about how I deal with the issues and drawbacks in life.”

Thus far, the production team has shot four episodes and the first one is already on the website.

Sarimah too is surprised that she hasn’t really aged during her time in TV!

You can’t deny the fact that there are already quite a number of public figures who have their own reality show, be it on TV or even online. When asked if Sarimah was afraid of the competition she has to face, she gave a splendid answer.

“I don’t look at this as a competition where I must be better than you and vice versa. It’s a healthy competition. Besides, we are different. Celebrity A might not be able to talk about divorce, whereas I can, and there are things that Celebrity B can talk about which I can’t.”

Expect Sarimah’s 2 Sen to deal with heartbreaks, body issues, dealing with different types of people, family and even work.

In other words, she’ll be talking about matters people can relate to. You can either agree, disagree, or agree to disagree with Sarimah on the show.

Also at the media launch of Sarimah’s 2 Sen was Red Film’s founder and Executive Producer, Lina Tan.

Lina exclaimed that she loves working with Sarimah due to her wit and professionalism, and they first met at an audition for Disney Channel back when Sarimah was only 19. Lina instantly fell in love with Sarimah’s lovely, yet wacky personality.

According to both Sarimah and Lina, they’ve gone for an online platform instead of television because it sort of gives people the power to choose whether or not to tune into the show.

Web shows give audiences power – if they want to watch and follow the show, subscribe. If not, unsubscribe! It’s as simple as that. Feedback from the public is also crucial, and a web show is capable of earning instant feedback, another factor which led to their decision to go online.

But perhaps most importantly, internet series aren’t restricted by the limitations imposed on television content, so you can expect Sarimah to be a little bit pedas with her words.

Oh and before we forget to mention, Sarimah’s 2 Sen is done bilingually. There are times in the show when Sarimah goes all out American, but there are also times she’ll be your gadis Melayu terakhir.

Make sure to catch the first episode of Sarimah’s 2 Sen on Feefo.Tv. We even hear that her upcoming song “Destinasiku”, a dance/R&B jam, will be launched on the show so there’s one more reason to tune in!

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