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No Love In The Air: PENULIS Question Astro’s Ethics Behind Novel Adaptation of Telemovie ‘Angin Cinta’
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No Love In The Air: PENULIS Question Astro’s Ethics Behind Novel Adaptation of Telemovie ‘Angin Cinta’

by Keanu AzmanDecember 3, 2015

Telemovie Angin Cinta which stars Zizan Razak and Ummi Nazeera will premiere on Astro First soon, although a premiere date hasn’t been set in stone.


However, according to an official statement from the Writers Association Of Kuala Lumpur & Selangor (PENULIS), a novel has been adapted from the telemovie but writer Eenaz Mokhtar was not credited.

As a result, PENULIS strongly opposes ASTRO Measat Broadcast Network Systems Sdn Bhd‘s action of allowing the telefilm to be adapted into a novel without the knowledge of Eenaz Mokhtar.

PENULIS claimed that the original writer of Angin Cinta was not paid any royalty nor did she receive a courtesy call from ASTRO regarding the adaptation of the film into a novel.

Eenaz was also not financially compensated although more than seventy percent of the telemovie’s content was adapted into the novel.

After Eenaz signed the contract to hand over all rights to the script (in accordance with Act 332 of Copyright Act 1987), she surrendered copyright for a sum agreed on by Mermaid Studios.

However, PENULIS stated that Eenaz was not aware that ASTRO would use her work in any other form.

PENULIS is aware that ASTRO has legal rights to adapt the film into a novel, and is not trying to question Copyright Act 1987. Instead, they wonder of the ethics behind ASTRO’s actions in adapting Eenaz’s work into a novel without any form of notice or payment.

PENULIS is requesting for ASTRO to at least pay a sum of money or give Eenaz royaltes for her work on Angin Cinta.

Writers have made headlines several times in their struggle for fair compensation in Malaysia’s broadcasting industry.

Earlier in October, Komuniti Filem Titiwangsa (KOMFIT) blasted the producer and director of Cermin Kasih, Arie Zaharie Production Sdn Bhd and Murali Abdullah respectively for crediting a screenplay to the director of photography instead of the original writers.

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