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A Quick Guide To Your KL48HFP Judges This Year: Sharifah Amani, Shamyl Othman and More!
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A Quick Guide To Your KL48HFP Judges This Year: Sharifah Amani, Shamyl Othman and More!

by The Daily SeniNovember 5, 2015

FOR this year’s edition of the KL 48 Hour Film Project (KL48HFP), four very special people will be presiding over the judging panel.

Based on the competition’s history, the KL48HFP team’s pick for judges have always been somewhat interesting — past assessors of the competition include producer Julia Fraser (Osama, Hanyut) and Namewee‘s early post-production specialist, Ken S. Yap.

This year the evaluation team is no less diverse, and let’s introduce them to you!

We briefly go through their careers and then also guess which reality TV competition judge they would resemble come judgment day — results for the latter were made via a quick office vote and may not be based on very much factual evidence, unfortunately!

In any case, here’s some of the things you need to know about each KL48HFP judge.

First up is the only Orked among thorns.

Sharifah AmaniSharifah Amani

As one of Malaysia’s beloved actresses, Sharifah Amani first shot to national fame after appearing in Yasmin Ahmad‘s Sepet. The film effectively made her a household name and we guess ever since then, things have been going quite well for the petite actress.

The daughter of veteran actress Fatimah Abu Bakar, Amani’s tendency towards unconventional roles have resulted in her status as the local indie darling. She’s a bit like Malaysia’s own Parker Posey, really.

She has also directed for the screen, debuting with short film Sangkar in 2010 and then again in 2012 and 2013 and Kampung Bangsar and Hawa. Amani’s performance in Nam Ron‘s Laut Lebih Indah Dari Bulan (2013) placed her on the stage alongside award-winning actress Sofia Jane and proved that she could hold her own in theatre too.

Amani sometimes dabbles in comedy and in rare occurrences can be spotted with the Projek Disko Baldi gang doing improv at intimate gigs. She has directed a music video for Fynn Jamal which is currently in post-production!

Most Likely Similar To: Sharon Osbourne from The X Factor

We’ve got one acclaimed actress — which bodes well for the panel — but we also need a legit director. And who better than an acclaimed young man who till date has made two exceptional films which successfully capture the Malaysian spirit?

Shamyl OthmanShamyl Othman

The son of veteran filmmaker Othman Hafsham, Shamyl Othman is best known for his uproarious Kami Histeria.

Starring Sara Ali, Diana Danielle and Nur Fazura, Kami Histeria was a comedy film which got itself recognised by Festival Filem Malaysia (FFM), which is basically our version of the Academy Awards. His last film, Rembat, starred Shaheizy Sam and Ah Niu, and only left cinemas recently.

Working almost exclusively with Red Communications, Shamyl was first properly noticed by renowned producer Lina Tan during his time in TV.

“I’ve been there for almost eight years, so as my career progressed, Lina was generous enough to throw me a couple of scripts in the past couple of years and we got to work together as a producer and director team.”

Shamyl is currently working on a script with Nadia Khan of FIXI, which he promises is already in its third draft. Aside from that, he’s also working with her in adapting one of her novels into an online series. Fun fact: it is not going to be a comedy!

Aside from his father, Shamyl’s sister Shamaine is also involved in the creative industry, often touring as a stand-up comic on top of performing with the Disko Baldi cohort.

Most Likely Similar To: Blake Shelton from The Voice

That’s two stars out of the way! A judging panel however cannot be complete without someone who knows the cogs and wheels behind the industry’s alluring facade, and KL48HFP solves the problem by going directly to the cinema for this one.

kabirMohamad Kabir Ariff Sultan

Perhaps the most interesting addition to the judging panel this year is an insider who knows more about cinemas than anyone else within the KL48HFP circle!

Mohamad Kabir Ariff Sultan is head of operations and programming at TGV Cinemas Malaysia, and he’s the one you blame when your favourite movie isn’t listed at cinemas near you.

Claiming that there isn’t such a thing as a perfect movie, Kabir heads a department in which filmmakers get to showcase their films. He’s had quite a bit of experience in media and entertainment, and during his time in the industry has been involved in introducing, developing and executing notable initiatives in the industry.

Mohamad Kabir was also the executive producer of Lagenda Budak Setan 3: Kasyah! The film received several nods from the FFM committee particularly for its acting and also its theme song “Lautan” sung by Yuna.

Most Likely Similar To: Randy Jackson from American Idol

Bringing true-blue legitness to the panel, we now have three qualified individuals ready to pick at each contestants output without mercy. To take things just one step further however, KL48HFP rounded out the judging team with a bit of an anomalous addition.

Deric Ect

That’s right, The Daily Seni‘s own editor is on the panel this year!

Since being inducted into the core DS team in February, Deric has been furiously trying to catch up with all the years he missed out on the local entertainment scene while living overseas.

Upon returning to Malaysia in 2013, Deric trained as a sommelier, but had a change of heart after watching Nam Ron’s Laut Lebih Indah Dari Bulan. He left his job to become a designer, copywriter and translator for local art collective KEEPERS, and found his way into the creative scene by interning for local performing arts company Theatrethreesixty.

As a huge fan of cinema, theatre and music, he often writes hoping to get more young Malaysians interested in homegrown entertainment. Deric is a chart junkie who wishes to one day live in a Malaysia where box office tallies are transparent, updated daily, and available to the public.

Most Likely Similar To: Louis Walsh from The X Factor

And those are your four judges for this year’s KL 48 Hour Film Project, readers!

Shamyl and Kabir recently made time for a meeting with registered contestants in which they dished out indispensable advice and insights into the filmmaking process, on top of hinting about what they’re looking for in this year’s winner.

We’ll be back with a report on that so make sure to keep checking back.

KL48HFP 2015 kicks off on 13 November 2015 and is organised by Linktree, sponsored by Encorp Strand Mall and TGV Cinemas, powered by Veedo, and supported by FINAS and The Daily Seni.

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