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5 Local Digital Illustrators You Should Follow
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5 Local Digital Illustrators You Should Follow

by Nazreen AbrahamApril 28, 2015
Muid Latif

Muid Latif is one of Malaysia’s renowned graphic artists.

With an abundance of artwork being uploaded on the internet on a daily basis, it’s hard to keep track of the latest and most inspiring digital visuals coming out of local Photoshop wizards.

Of course, by now everyone would know of Muid Latif’s amazing portfolio but there are still plenty of new upcoming digital artists in Malaysia that barely gain the recognition they deserve.

Below are five young digital illustrators we found while procrastinating and thought maybe you should keep an eye on their progress or at least just ‘Favourite’ or ‘Like’ their beautiful posts.

Johnson Ting

Dr. Wayne (Neo-Japan 2022) by Johnson Ting

The first impression you get from viewing the visual aesthetics by The One Academy graduate, Johnson Ting, is the sense of awe and nostalgia of 90’s cyberpunk anime.

His realistic illustrations caught the attention of the video game industry, gaining him working experience with a list of well known companies such as Activision, Infinity Ward, Black Tusk and Square Enix.


His ‘Neo Japan 2022’ project has also been featured on the video-game focused website, Kotaku, and has earned him a dedicated following of fans on his Deviantart profile. He’s currently employed at Project TriForce as a Concept Artist.

Fei Giap


Have you ever wondered how Hayao Miyazaki would visualize the Malaysian rural landscape?

Well wonder no more, as 28 years old Chong Fei Giap’s illustrations of Penang’s architecture has a touch of Ghibli-like fantasy elements that will satisfy your daydreams and treat your eyes to a magical view of what local culture would look like in kawaii-vision.floating_village_girl_by_dsngiap-d4ljh0c

The Seremban born artist graduated from The One Academy in 2008 and has been in demand ever since and even had her artworks used for Comic Fiesta 2014. She is co-founder of the Running Snail Studio where she illustrates for many well known clients such as Astro, Petronas and Dior.

Mischele Mariam Nazmi


Multi-talented designer/illustrator/crafter Mischele Mariam Nazmi has already won a handful of Awards for her3369401_orig amazing works in both traditional and digital medium, from the Antalis student calendar design competition (2008) to being a part of the winning team for the French Art Festival 2008 design competition.

She had also written and illustrated a children’s book that won The 20th Eye Level Children’s Literature Award (Illustrated Story Category) in 2012. It’s a perfect fitting that she is currently the Assistant Regional Advisor for the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators Malaysia.

She mainly specializes in dimensional illustration, vector graphics, and digital scratch-boarding.

Johnathan Chong


From a scruffy looking boy scribbling away on his textbooks in high school to working on The Satellite Reign, a class-based strategy game that is now ready for purchase on Steam, Johnathan Chong has come a long way.

He started out dreaming of publishing a graphic novel to actually pursuing it with his best friend.


Though it has only been a year since he graduated from The One Academy, this 23 year old illustrator has the skill set to bring the most epic landscape to life.  He also enjoys creating pop culture fan art.

He is currently working with his ex-lecturer, Ivan Taoat the new Knight Owl Studio and is also contributing in the new independent online clothing store, Kill The Radio.

96c5a7ce355914943de524bac66eec74Lim Mei Yee (Mye Lim)

Graduating from The One Academy in 2013 with a
Diploma in Illustration, the 25 years old Mye Lim has been experimenting with many different style of visualization.

From line art to non-conventional work, she pursues her passion in expressing her artistic dream of having a published book in the possible future. She is currently working as an art tutor.

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